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an industrial powerhouse in tuscia will decimate a bucolic landscape and Ancient heritage

The effect of the proposed 70 hectare solar farm Deimos on the bucolic landscape in the Comune of Orvieto

Everyone is aware of the need to change our energy production away from fossil fuels to renewable sources, but there is no sense in installing renewable energy plant at the cost of ruining the landscape, rendering agricultural land sterile and useless. Governments must devise a strategy which increases green energy production without destroying pristine landscape. This is possible. In Italy there are hundreds of thousands of existing roof structures, industrial and agricultural, which could be used for photo voltaic generation. Similarly, there are motorway and railway cuttings which would also be suitable. Giving the individual the ability to produce also increases energy responsibility, potentially reducing waste. 

Italy has almost 8000km of coastline, so the choice of offshore sites for wind turbines is enormous. Offshore wind sited 30km from the coast makes them imperceptible from the land, where any wind is more consistent, and their effect of landscape is negligible

The bucolic historic Tuscian landscape has been targeted for green energy production because of its proximity to the TERNA electrical power station in Civitavecchia but for anyone who has made their life choice to live in the beautiful Tuscian clean countryside the prospect of hundreds of wind turbines is one of the worst nightmares.

The mad gold rush to produce green electricity is yet another opportunity for wealthy financiers and corporations to reap profit at the expense of countryfolk who DO NOT benefit from any free electricity or subsidy. Governments and administrations are being strong-armed into lucrative contracts, bypassing planning legislation, in order to plant structures which are totally unsuitable within a rural setting.

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