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an industrial powerhouse in tuscia will decimate a bucolic landscape and Ancient heritage


Uninterrupted landscape in Upper Tuscia with Monte Cimino

For anyone living in a beautiful clean landscape the prospect of a wind turbine next to one's house is one of the worst nightmares omething industrial plant is a threat that has be lived with. When governments start to expropriate lands from uninformed landowners, the alarm bells ring loudly outside the lawyer's office!

Six: There is evidence of serious health issues. Chemicals used for hazelnuts permeate and cntaminate local drinking water making it unsuitable for human consumption. The chemicals provoke the formation of a cyanobacterium called 'Plankthotrix Rubescens', commonly called red algae. There has been an increase of rare unexplained cancers around the Lago di Vico area.

Seven: New hazelnut trees take five years to fruit, During this period growers take advantage of an 'organic' subsidy paid out to them by the EU for farming without pesticides, this is only because the tree is too young to fruit. In the sixth year when the fruits appear farmers renounce their organic status and start to spray chemicals on and under the trees, and the damage commences. 

Eight: Tuscia has an important tourist industry, which is seriously threatened by the consequences of hazelnut mono-culture

Nine: There is currently little or no investment for organically growing hazelnuts. The hazelnut is really only important to one company which uses 30% of the global supply. 70000 hectares of this supply will be grown in Italy by 2025.

Ten: Within Tuscia there is a new younger generation of organic farmers whose livelihoods are seriously threatened by the pollution from the hazelnut trees and the costs of land which have risen exponentially because of the prices that hazelnut speculators wish to pay.

Since Autumn 2018 an almost 1000 hectares of new hazelnut trees have been planted within a 10 km radius of Bolsena lake in Central Italy.

Wind Turbines

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