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"Farmers fear for their land as hazelnuts spread across Italy’s hills"

Il Manifesto

OGM, il gennaio nero dell’agribusiness di Manlio Mansucci

radical realism - a short animation by andrea ferrante

The message couldn't be clearer on the problems in agriculture and ways to resolve them

cambia la terra Oct 24 and 30 2020

“Questa Pac impoverirà agricoltori e ambiente”

"Pac: se l’Europa soffre di sindrome bipolare"

The Common Agricultural Policy has been one of the most disastrous and controversial European policies for many years, the result has impoverished farmers, who are now dependant on EU subsidies, producing nothing or seeing their produce discarded. The latest proposals for the next ten years pose a serious threat to biodiversity. These articles throw some clarity on the situation and one Italian MEP Eleonora Evi, explains why she voted against the new proposals.

cambia la terra Oct 23 2020

"Pesticidi illegali on line"

Of the 350,000 tons of pesticides used on European fields every year, 48,300 tons are illegal. Just this year 1346 tons of illegal pesticides have been seized, that's enough to treat all the agricultural land in Germany! This article tells all.


The EU have voted TODAY 23rd October 2020 to decide Europe's agricultural subsidies for the next seven years. We will know soon whether they really intend to follow a green policy of biodiversity or give in to the monoculture corporate lobby. This is incredibly important for our lands. Thanks to Greta Thunberg for mobilising support from her instagram.

cambia la terra Oct 16 2020

"Pesticidi: azioni legali Ue contro i Paesi inadempienti"

Great Italian Food Trade Sept 30 2020

"Ti amo Italia. Il lato oscuro delle nocciole di Ferrero" di Dario Dongo e Carolina Peciola

Il Viterbese Sept 28 2020

“Inquinamento lago di Vico, Stelliferi chieda scusa”

Important article reporting that it has now been proved scientifically that the water in Lago di Vico is undrinkable because of chemicals used by the hazelnut plantations. As a result the Italian state is now being sued by the EU.

Terranuova July/August 2020

"Noccioland" di Manilo Masucci

cambia la terra April 29 2020

"Cosa lega pesticidi, polveri sottili e Coronavirus" di Maria Pia Terrosi

financial times jan 23 2020

"Hazelnut sourcing spreads discontent for Italy’s Nutella" by Miles Johnson

the economist N0v 19th 2019

"The nuts of wrath - hazelnut planting bothers the Italians" by John Hooper

orvieto news june 25 2019

"Continua la semina...di informazioni sui pesticidi e sulle monocolture"

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